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Sell a business

Thinking of selling your business?

You’re not alone!

41% of Canadian entrepreneurs intend to sell their business over the next five years. 52% of sellers expect to sell their business outside of their family. While you make the decision about whether now is the time to sell, it is helpful to ask yourself some important questions. Be honest and thorough with your answers.

Answering these questions may help you determine your path to a sale:

What are your reasons for selling the business?
What do you have to get out of the sale to meet your needs?
Is the business ready for sale?
Are all the business operations well documented and ready for the buyer to take over?
What is included or excluded from the sale?
Do you have a plan to transfer the business?
Will you work with the new owner during the transition to train them?

How does the District of Sicamous Development Corporation fit into your plans to sell?

The District of Sicamous Development Corporation connects buyers with sellers. Buyers come from all over the country and may not have local knowledge about the business community in Sicamous. Keep that perspective in mind while you are preparing your listing. Listing your business with the District of Sicamous Development Corporation allows opportunity to get connected with buyers who may not know what is available in the business community.

Our listing service is free and easy to use! As a business owner looking to sell, you are an opportunity holder.

Tips for crafting a good listing:

Be specific, be clear and keep it simple.
Tell the story of your business concisely.
The more accurate and descriptive your listing is, the better chance you will have of attracting the right person to your listing.
Check your facts and your website links.
Include pictures that showcase your business. Pictures also help tell the story.
List the most appropriate contact information that will get to you directly.

Once you have submitted the listing for your business, please allow up to 72 hours for your listing to appear on the website, especially if you are posting on a weekend.

We hope you find a successful match for your business through District of Sicamous Development Corporation.