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revitalization tax exemptions

Sicamous is poised for new growth as a place to live, work, invest and play.

We have a vision for our community that is focused on encouraging sustainability and growth for new business. We offer incentives to encourage economic growth, new investment and community redevelopment and revitalization.

eligible Properties

The program provides tax exemptions for new construction and renovation projects on properties located within the Town Centre, Industrial, Highway Commercial, and Hotel Development Areas, as illustrated here.

Program Details

The tax exemption applies to municipal taxes on improvements only.

Click here to learn about terms and municipal tax exemption thresholds.

how to apply

Complete the online revitalization tax exemption application or download the form here and submit along with:

Proof that current taxes on the property have been paid
A description of the project and a certificate from the Owner’s design professional
A copy of the current property assessment notice
$100 application fee

Eligibility for the incentive is confirmed upon execution of the required revitalization tax exemption agreement in accordance with the District’s Revitalization Tax Exemption Bylaw.

Once all the conditions of the Bylaw and Agreement are met, we will issue a Revitalization Tax Exemption Certificate and the incentive (tax relief) will begin in the tax year following the issuance of the Certificate.


Contact the District of Sicamous Finance Department at 250-836-2477.