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July 22, 2021

Press Release

The District of Sicamous Chamber of Commerce has been happy to host Music in the Park in our beach park for the last several years. As you are all aware last year, we were prevented from holding Music in the Park due to COVID-19. We were really looking forward to hosting Music in the Park this summer, however the Beach Park is still under construction and not suitable for an event that has 200 to 400 people in attendance. Consideration was given to host the event in Finlayson Park to ensure we could still accommodate a large crowd safely and at the same time comply with the new COVID orders now in place. However, as we are now facing yet another challenge in our community it has given us all time to pause and evaluate our capacity to continue to host this event.

The Chamber hosted Music in the Park because there was no one else doing those types of events at the time. Music in the Park was sponsored at first by (Tim and Loretta Corless) when they owned the Best Western Inn and SASCU. Later SASCU became the primary sponsor and our business members rallied to support the event by sponsoring an evening. Sponsoring Music in the Park has always been sought after by our Chamber Members…and we are so grateful to them for their support these last several years. Twin Anchors Houseboat Vacations, Boys With Toys, Sea Dog, Valley Black Top, Ace Hardware, Inkx, Happy Corkers Wine and Gifts, Waterway Houseboats, Shuswap Tourism, Blondies, Papas, Sicamous Rec Centre, Reds Rentals and Eagle Valley IDA, NAPA for providing us with the right plugs and the District of Sicamous who have provided the stage and equipment. I hope I haven’t left anyone out…it was a long list!

We have looked to our businesses and our partners to help us put this event on year after year…It is certainly a fan favourite but it also comes at a cost…one the Chamber no longer can justify, especially with so many of our businesses just getting back on their feet after this last year and a half. The time has come to pass this on to those who are better positioned to host community events…we have discussed this with the District of Sicamous and hope they will make this part of their plans in the coming years. This year we all have more important issues to focus on to ensure our community remains safe and prosperous.

Once again thank you to SASCU, our Chamber members and the hundreds of people who attended and generously gave donations to help support Music in the Park for the community of Sicamous.  

Sheila Devost

Executive Director

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