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Imagine life in sicamous

If the truth be told…you probably have imagined just that

Mountains and lakes surround the southeastern corner of BC known as the Sicamous region. You may have heard about it from the lucky ones who have visited. Some of them passed through on their search for the perfect balance of work, life, recreation and opportunities and never left.

This means that the region is full of people just like you. They made the decision to locate in safe neighbourhoods with great schools, surrounded by unrivalled natural beauty and limitless outdoor activities.

The Sicamous region is home to many communities, some high in the mountains, some alongside beautiful lakes or rivers, others on fertile agricultural land. All of them are unique.

Take a look at some of the places you could live via the links below and imagine your better life in the Sicamous.

We think you will fit right in.

Sicamous is a way of life

Where the energy of nature sparks the energy of the people. No matter where you sit on the energy dial. Where bird watching recharges some, wakeboarding refuels others. All ultimately are inspired, rejuvenated and enthused. Because in Sicamous we believe in a life lived with spark.