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Buy a business

Buy a business or start a business?

It’s a common question. Buying a business often makes, well, good business sense.

The District of Sicamous Development Corporation is here to help buyers find what they are looking for in a business purchase.

Benefits of buying an existing business in the District of Sicamous:

Existing businesses are more likely to succeed than start ups
Established customer base
History in the community (known entity)
The cash flow of an established business may improve your chances of getting the financing you want to purchase the business
Business owner may help with financing
Seller may help train the buyer to run the business or mentor the new owner to improve the chances for continued success

You’ll know it’s the right business match for you if it fits your lifestyle, interests, skill set and financial criteria.

There are more than 16,000 small businesses in the region.

We’re sure you’ll find the one that is the best fit.

current investment opportunities

Find your dream opportunity!

Our “Investment Opportunities” page is currently under construction… But we have big plans!

The District of Sicamous Development Corporation database seeks to provide the most up-to-date investment information in District of Sicamous.